Accessibility Testing with Low-Code Platforms

Explore the importance of Accessibility Testing in Low-Code platforms for universal usability. Learn how to design for various disabilities and ensure 508 compliance with VPS’s expert guidance.

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A Talk with GM Voices

Part of evaluating IVR is knowing what makes a good IVR.  One obvious critically important component is the voice itself.  Recently, we were fortunate enough to have the chance to talk with with Marcus Graham, CEO of GM Voices.

What is: Intelligent Call Routing?

The Switchboard Operator is extinct, as a job description, anyway.  Machines have been routing our calls for decades, but in recent years, the automation of this process has been refined and significantly improved.

Leslie Dove Earns Software Testing Certification From ASTQB

Congratulations are in order for Leslie Dove, one of our business analysts, for passing the ASTQB Foundation Level Certified Tester exam this week. ASTQB is the American arm of ISTQB, the International Software Testing Qualifications Board.

Can’t Get No Satisfaction

I got a C in Physics, but I believe the 5th law of Thermodynamics is that it’s cheaper to keep customers than get new ones. Customer Satisfaction is what every contact center aspires to cultivate and manage, but getting an accurate assessment can be challenging.

Why Customers Dump Their Vendors

“The day you sign a client is the day you start losing them.” – I think I heard it on TV.  It’s a platitude, of course. We know just as surely that  each day takes us closer to our eventual death.

What is: DTMF?

DTMF stands for Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency. This is the technical term for the sounds you hear when you press the keys on your telephone. DTMF does more than just let you know that you pressed a key.

Bedrock Requirements

A proper requirements document is critical to a successful software development project. Any resource on software development worth a dime will tell you that. 

Contract Pharma 2011 Recap

Last week was the 10th Annual Contract Pharma Contracting and Outsourcing Conference in New Brunswick, NJ. This was Vision Point Systems’ second year attending the event which is designed for decision-makers and is devoted to outsourcing in the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries.

Recap from the First Ever Twilio Conference

I’m back in Virginia from San Francisco, where I attended last week’s Twilio Conference. This two day event was a showcase for the up-and-coming developer and entrepreneur community budding aroung Twilio’s “telephony in the cloud” platform.