Appian 24.1: Revolutionizing AI-powered Process Automation

Learn about one of the most exciting new features of Appian 24.1: the Prompt Builder AI Skill. This premium tier feature allows you to integrate the capabilities of Gen AI into your Appian Process Models, using natural language prompts to display information, suggest actions, and write to a database based on the context of your process.

Twilio Flex vs Talkdesk: Which to choose?

Explore Twilio Flex vs Talkdesk: Uncover the best cloud contact center solution for your organization. Compare features, advantages, and pricing to make an informed decision.

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Now You’re Speaking My Language

A recent New York Times article points out that the Philippines has passed India in the number of call center agents. Filipino agents, however, are usually paid more than their Indian counterparts.

White Paper: Assessing Your Telephony Universe

Telephony deployments in general, and Contact Centers in particular are complex and difficult to manage. Throw in multiple stakeholders across the silos of your enterprise, and you’ve got a recipe for inefficiency or worse. 

Prison Contact Centers

Have you ever spoken to a call center agent who’s sounded like they are handcuffed to their cubicle? Maybe they are. You’ve heard of insourcing? This is inmate sourcing.

Adding a Character to Hamlet?

In his article, Can Mobile and IVR Avoid a Fight?,  Leonard Klie makes the point that needed to be made, that  mobile apps are not going to displace IVR. It’s not going to be either or. 

VoiceVision - Best of 2011

We are proud to present the first annual “Best Of”  post for the VoiceVision blog. We hope you enjoy these “must reads” from the team here at Vision Point Systems. It’s been an exciting first few months since launching VoiceVision.

Twilio Has Fun with “Callin’ Oates” App

Twilio, in an attempt to bring some attention to their APIs that allow organizations to “build scalable, reliable voice and text messaging apps” easily, released their “Callin’ Oates” app.


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Interview With Voxeo Labs on Cloud Telephony

In the latest installment of our series of conversations with industry leaders, we’re speaking with Chris Matthieu, Director of Business Development at Voxeo Labs.  Voxeo is one of the recognized leaders in hosted telephony services.