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Vision Point Systems, Ltd Named a G-Cloud 13 Supplier by Crown Commercial Service

On August 26, 2022, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) identified Vision Point Systems Limited (VPS Limited) as an approved provider within the latest UK public sector procurement framework, G-Cloud 13. As a current provider within the UK framework, VPS Limited is a supplier on the existing G-Cloud 12. G-Cloud 13 launches on 9 November 2022.

Our Vision


Our vision is to continually refine our capabilities to bring technology’s latest benefits to as wide of an audience as possible. We serve governments, corporations, and nonprofits whose user base span multiple continents.

Our Mission


Our mission is to extend the successful, close relationships we have with our global partners to the European market. We take a comprehensive approach to developing our services and tools to truly meet our customers’ unique needs.

Our Story

Vision Point Systems Limited ("VPS Limited") is a UK-based company providing Appian and Twilio consulting services. Named after our parent company in the United States, VPS Limited was established in 2019 to strengthen the alliance with our technology partners in the UK and EU and specifically serve the demand for highly performant applications and solutions.


Our US and UK teams share a common vision for bringing a comprehensive approach for how applications are developed and supported. Whilst most of our competitors’ dev teams focus primarily on development, we look at subtle but important factors that make the difference between applications that merely function vs. applications that enhance productivity and user experience.



Yong Lee

Founder, CEO of Vision Point Systems, Inc.

Jason Moorcroft

Manager, Consulting Services

Stuart Christie

Stuart Christie
Manager, Solutions Consulting

Featured Platforms

VPS provides consulting services for Appian development, system architecture, and systems integration, as well as QA and performance optimization. With resources worldwide, we are uniquely prepared to deliver Appian solutions end to end. Our team of performance test engineers develop and implement automated performance tests, utilizing our depth of experience with Appian to identify areas to improve the user experience of your applications.

Since our partnership with Twilio in 2013, we have produced impactful and strategic Twilio-powered solutions to our clients. Not all communication solutions are built the same – and sometimes organizations struggle to find a system that fits all of their unique needs for connecting with customers. Twilio is VPS' platform of choice for rapidly deploying communications solutions like contact centers, SMS messaging campaigns, and IVR systems.

Certifications and Contracts

VPS and our talented team members possess many certifications that help us to be one of the best providers of custom development, consulting, and support on the market today.

G-Cloud 12 & G-Cloud 13 Supplier - Cloud Software

"Joining VPS Ltd has been my most important career move. Not only do I have the chance to make a powerful impact and contribution in the early days of the newly formed VPS subsidiary, but I’m also surrounded by incredibly talented and intelligent people. Starting from the founder and CEO Yong Lee and Senior VP Jim Schweitzer, all the way down to the recently incorporated new grads, all make me feel that I’m in the right place and in very capable hands."

Jason Moorcroft, Senior Consultant at VPS Limited

Our Services

Low-Code Application Development

Improve processes and communications with integrated low-code apps including Appian, Twilio, Salesforce, Intercom & more.

Performance Testing

Save time and money by analyzing and upgrading your systems with VPS Performance Engineers.

Business Analysis/Prototyping

High performing applications begin with clear requirements, robust designs, and optimized architectures. Our team of expert consultants is available to lead during all stages of a project to ensure successful execution.

Cloud-based CX

Businesses need to maintain contact with their customers at any time and through any channel. Our cloud solutions for contact center and messaging allow the ultimate flexibility for customer experience.

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Peak Performance

VPS knows that your business needs can be complex, ever-changing, and time-sensitive. Despite that, we don't sacrifice performance. Furthermore, we actively consider it.

We leverage

Powerful Platforms

Speed to market, flexibility, and power are foundational with our key partners Appian, Twilio, and Salesforce.

We create

Empowered Organizations

Our goal is to put the power in our customer's hands. We provide unparalleled support while driving true solutions for enablement.

Our approach is not just to build, but to enhance and optimize modern technologies through our team of experts dedicated to creating solutions at the peak of performance.