Twilio Flex Managed Services & Support

Hands-On Support

Our team will work diligently to manage and support your Twilio Flex solutions – installing system and product updates, performing ongoing health and maintenance checks, and providing ongoing consults to constantly improve the way you operate your business.

Focus on Your Business

VPS knows you have a business to run–and that doesn't always leave time to manage and maintain your systems. Our team stays on the pulse of updates in the industry and new features to continue recommending new ways to improve your existing Twilio Flex solution. Our ongoing, consultative approach to support and management provides the freedom to adjust your system whenever you need.


Contact centers can also benefit from VPS-built custom solutions.

Talk to experienced consultants, architects, engineers, and administrators focused on delivering efficient and valuable solutions.

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Proactive Management

As a Twilio partner, we are regularly made aware of new version updates and changes within the platforms. As part of our management services, our team will perform system updates and implement new organizational tools as they are made available through Twilio Flex, providing you with the most impactful solution.

Our quick response SLA provides system and incident support with easy ways to get in touch via phone, SMS, or email to ensure you get the maximum ROI.

System Health Maintenance

Behind-the-scenes, our team regularly performs health checks on metrics like performance, efficiency, and security so that you don't have to. With these checks, we can catch problems earlier on and monitor every aspect of your solution to make sure it is still delivering the best results. VPS will perform monthly system health reviews, upgrade testing, documentation and more as part of this ongoing maintenance.

Explore Your Options

VPS offers a variety of support packages for teams of all sizes to fit your needs.

Basic Advanced Full Service(<100 user) Full Service Plus(<100-500 user)
Incident Support 12/5 2 business hour response SLA, email, phone, SMS · ·    
Incident Support 24/7 30 minute response SLA, email, phone, SMS     · ·
Access To VPS Add-Ons Coach Mode, Number Blocking, etc. · · · ·
Monthly System Health Review Dedicated technical account manager will review behind-the-scenes performance and provide recommendations for improvement   · · ·
Upgrade Testing Proactively test deployments with new Flex releases before updating in production   · · ·
Prepaid Changes Cusromizations to programmability, UI, Queue logic, etc. 4 hours/month, can bank for one month   · · ·
Move/Add/Change Full Service support for users administation and queue configuration     · ·

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Peak Performance

VPS knows that your business needs can be complex, ever-changing, and time-sensitive. Despite that, we don't sacrifice performance. Furthermore, we actively consider it.

We leverage

Powerful Platforms

Speed to market, flexibility, and power are foundational with our key partners Appian, Twilio, and Salesforce.

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