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Whether you're starting from scratch or interested in optimizing or enhancing your current setup – VPS has the tools and knowledge to build you a custom solution.

Custom Solutions for your Business

Our consultative approach and experience allows us to maximize the various tools available to call centers to create a solution that will scale and evolve alongside your business needs. Twilio Flex is one of our preferred contact center solutions and offers a fully customizable interface with endless tools and functionalities to add.

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Flexible Communication Tools

True to its name, Twilio Flex provides call centers with a robust and completely customizable suite of solutions – and we've developed expertise in maximizing these solutions. We have helped various clients build systems to improve both the customer experience and call center staff job satisfaction, deliver more insights into their workflows, and increase security.


The adaptable programmability of Twilio Flex has allowed us to develop unique customizations, resulting in major call center success and growth for our customers.

Keep customers happy and save call center staff time by automating holding queues and callbacks.

VPS and Twilio Benefits

Ongoing Support

In addition to implementation and customization, your organization may need help with ongoing support and management. VPS also provides solutions for ongoing support.

Intuitive User Interface

Twilio Flex provides a central hub for both agents and management to perform regular tasks, track important data, and to automate processes and save time. There are a variety of tools within the platform to standardize the process for triaging calls and meeting call requirements and the user-friendly interface makes learning the system a breeze.

Comprehensive Implementation

We are experts at implementing Twilio and work collaboratively with your team to perform a seamless implementation. Our team will work to ensure that all additional customizations are functioning properly and make sure that your staff is educated on the new tools and functions available to them.

Capture Important Metrics

The Twilio Flex platform allows for customization of data capture and reporting. Tailor the specific metrics the system is tracking like call time length and agent activity and choose from a wide range of reporting and data visualization options. Metrics tracking can help your organization to change priorities, identify inefficiencies and solve them by adding on additional tools or tweaking existing tools.

Tools Built for You

Twilio Flex can be customized in many different ways to fit the unique needs of your organization. The system can be adjusted and there are add-on functions available like automated queues and callbacks, agent-assisted payments, coach mode, number blocking, case logging, customizable forms for agents to populate during calls, and more.

Omnichannel Campaign Management

With options for omnichannel communication and programmable workflows, Acqueon's engagement tools have helped many call centers to streamline, stay compliant, and improve customer engagement. As a reseller partner of Acqueon, VPS delivers omnichannel customer engagement solutions for sales, service, and collections to Twilio Flex customers.


Our unique, consultative approach has resulted in some highly impactful outbound communication solutions with Acqueon's tools. These tools offer benefits like increased engagement, campaign success tracking and reporting, customer pattern and decision prediction tools, and data collection tools such as CRM integrations.

Optimize Your Workforce

Calabrio's Workforce Optimization (WFO) tools offer call centers options for robust analytics tracking, workforce management, customer engagement quality assurance, and more.


We have developed customizable dashboards and analytics reports for our call center customers – increasing not only productivity but customer service and job satisfaction of staff members. Calabrio's WFO tools combined with VPS expertise in custom solutions have allowed us to deliver automated recording evaluation and screen capture solutions, creating a holistic view of customer interactions.


Additionally, our work in various regulated areas has provided expertise in creating secure storage and playback options – ensuring your recordings are compliant.

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Measure and Improve

Inefficiencies in an IVR can lead to ballooning costs and unsatisfied customers. VoiceVision is a 14-point diagnostic evaluation created by VPS to examine and report metrics on contact center and telecommunications systems.


This methodology combined with VPS consulting provides you with an actionable plan to reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction and mitigate business risk.

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