Twilio Flex - The Programmable Contact Center

Twilio Flex is the only instantly deployable cloud-based platform that allows organizations to programmatically tailor every aspect of their contact center experience, bringing a whole new approach to the market.


Twilio Flex is different in that it’s a platform, not a product. Our experience has shown that if you want to differentiate your customer experiences for competitive advantage, you have to build it - and this is what allows your customer to fit the application to their business, rather than open the shrink wrapped software and figure out how to fit their business around the fixed software app.


Most contact centers only use about 2-5% of the features provided by their technology vendors. The reason is because those vendors build features designed for mass appeal. With Flex, we are focused on delivering core features that our customers really need as opposed to building 1000s of generic features, to create higher tailored agent, supervisor, and customer experiences.

Twilio Flex vs Talkdesk: Which to choose?

Explore Twilio Flex vs Talkdesk: Uncover the best cloud contact center solution for your organization. Compare features, advantages, and pricing to make an informed decision.

What you need to know about upgrading to Twilio Flex 2.0

If you started using Flex in 2022 or earlier, there’s a good chance you’re still running one of the 1.X releases. With Twilio announcing that they will drop support for 1.X versions of Flex in the Summer of 2024, now is the time to plan and execute a migration to 2.X.

Learn What’s New in Twilio Flex 2.0 for Administrators

Twilio Flex 2.0 has many exciting updates and a new Plugin Library. Learn how this release improves usability and design and offers ready-to-use Flex plugins, like the Supervisor Barge and Coach plugin. Take advantage of this release today and create a customized and scalable contact center solution.

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