Peak Performance.
Powerful Platforms.
Empowered Organizations.

We pride ourselves on communication, sharing knowledge, and building homegrown talent.

Our Vision

We're inspired by our vision to improve communication between organizations and their customers. We are a team made up of experts and we pride ourselves on constantly working together to learn new skills and improve our offerings for our customers.

Our Mission

Vision Point Systems is a software and engineering consulting company serving both commercial and government clients. Our mission is to provide comprehensive communication tools for businesses that solve problems in real-time.

Answer the Call

When there's a need, our team shows up to fulfill it - whether it's for our customers or our community.

Combine Strengths

We know how to utilize and combine the strengths of both our team members and the tools we use.

Innovate Together

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

Serve with Purpose

We pride ourselves on working with organizations that make an impact on the world around us.

Challenge Yourself

We encourage both our customers and our employees to step up and try new approaches and solutions.

Be Transparent

We always aim for a clear understanding on all sides, providing realistic expectations.

Our Story

Vision Point Systems was founded in October, 2002 as a technology company focusing on the voice communications needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


Opportunities in the marketplace spurred our growth as a diversified services company from near the beginning. In 2004, we opened our Washington, D.C. regional office to serve the needs of the Federal Government.


Our consulting work creates opportunities for us to develop new solutions to address new and unique customer challenges.


Yong Lee

Yong Lee

Founder, CEO of Vision Point Systems, Inc.

Jim Schweitzer

Senior Vice President

Chris Burgoyne

Senior Manager, Quality Assurance

Justin Harrison

Director, Appian Practice

Matt Simmons

Software Engineering Manager

Jamal Umar

Jamal Umar
Manager, Solutions Consulting

Andrew O'Connor

Andrew O'Connor
Manager, Solutions Consulting

Stuart Christie

Stuart Christie
Manager, Solutions Consulting

Andrew Ramadan

Andrew Ramadan

Business Development Manager

Kerry Chamberlain

Office Manager

Some Fun VPS Facts

Minority Owned Business
Teams in the DC Area, Roanoke VA, and London
Yearly Company Retreat
Sponsored Company Events

“I enjoy working for VPS because of our project diversity. No two customers are alike and we are always integrating with new technologies. We're adaptive in the items we take on and have team members that are highly skilled in multiple areas.”

Tyler Waddell, Software Engineer

We've provided enterprise applications, contact center solutions, and messaging and voice applications for companies around the globe.

Certifications and Contracts

VPS and our talented team members possess many certifications that help us to be one of the best providers of custom development, consulting, and support on the market today.


GSA Schedule logo

GSA Contract #47QTCA19D00MB for SIN 54151S


IWRP Consortium

IWRP Consortium Logo

Member, IWRP Consortium

(Non-traditional - Small)

Appian A-Score

4 Lead Developers

6 Senior Developers

6 Associate Developers


7 Team Members with Sales Certification

8 Team Members with Twilio Flex Certification

12 Team Members with Twilio Platform Certification


salesforce partner logo

Salesforce Administrator


AWS Developer Associate

AWS Solutions Architect Associate

Empower your team with powerful platforms delivered at peak performance.

We build and optimize applications that run mission critical business processes.

Talk to us about your goals.

We deliver

Peak Performance

VPS knows that your business needs can be complex, ever-changing, and time-sensitive. Despite that, we don't sacrifice performance. Furthermore, we actively consider it.

We leverage

Powerful Platforms

Speed to market, flexibility, and power are foundational with our key partners Appian, Twilio, and Salesforce.

We create

Empowered Organizations

Our goal is to put the power in our customer's hands. We provide unparalleled support while driving true solutions for enablement.

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Our approach is not just to build, but to enhance and optimize modern technologies through our team of experts dedicated to creating solutions at the peak of performance.