What is VoiceVision?

VoiceVision® is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Consulting, Contact Center Performance Evaluation, Customer Experience Measurement, and Information Technology Performance Analysis rolled into a single engagement performed by seasoned industry professionals.

When it comes to critical customer contacts, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

If your telephony deployment is running perfectly, you might not need VoiceVision®. But if you suspect that it could be better, we can help you identify pain points and develop workable solutions.


A VoiceVision® evaluation will:

Identify operational cost drivers within your contact center with an eye on ways to reduce them

Locate opportunities to leverage new and existing communications technologies for revenue benefits

Identify corporate and regulatory risk areas that can be better mitigated.

Our proprietary assessment process allows us to analyze an enterprise’s IVR Systems, Contact Center Operations, and Voice and Data Infrastructure quickly and inexpensively, helping our customers to immediately begin driving adaptive results within their organizations. 


Vision Point Systems is uniquely suited to provide this service because our systems engineering background and experience allows us to evaluate an organization’s telephony assets holistically to produce recommendations that serve our clients' strategic business goals. IVR and Call Center management is a unique challenge; if the challenge is met head-on, your organization can reap significant rewards. Ignore it at your peril.

What We Do

Our 14 Point Diagnostic is simply a way to categorize the variety of questions we ask about your system's performance and supporting documentation to give you a neutral, third party assessment of how well it meets your needs and expectations. A VoiceVision® Evaluation takes a rigorous and systematic approach to understanding your current deployment and opportunities for improvement that will benefit you, your business and your customers. Let us put your application and your process through the paces to find the improvements small and large that you know are there.


We take the vital signs of your system and provide ratings on the quality of the implementation. We address the questions that keep you up at night: Is the system reliable? Is it too complex? Do we have too much capacity? Should it be this hard to make a change? Are we ready for a disaster? Are we asking for a disaster?


At the end of our evaluation, you'll have recommendations for improvement and a path to get there.

Our comprehensive evaluation and report will give you specific performance data across the following business processes.

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Who we do it for

Vision Point Systems builds relationships with IT managers, directors, and CxOs of mid- to large-sized organizations who rely on unique CTI solutions for business critical systems. We're offering VoiceVision® as a service for people in these positions to help them get control, get things written down, or maybe just get a second opinion.


Evaluating and developing software, hardware, and its supporting documentation is our business. This way, our clients can stay focused on the everyday needs of their internal and external customers.

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We will give you the knowledge you require to improve your system. By knowing what you’re doing right, you can preserve those qualities as the system evolves. By knowing what’s going wrong, you’ll see where you’re paying more than you should be for maintenance, missing opportunities with customers, and exposing yourself to business or regulatory risk.


The empirical knowledge that results from a VoiceVision® evaluation does more than just paint a picture of the ideal, it gives you an actionable plan for success.