14 Point Diagnostic

Our comprehensive evaluation and report will give you specific performance data across the following business processes. We review these aspects of your system through the lenses of quality, cost, and risk in an effort to help you make your system as efficient and cost effective as it can be. Browse below to see an overview of each of the 14 points. For more detail, please read our white paper - Assessing Your Telephony Universe.

The VoiceVision® 14 Point Diagnostic Assessment provides a standardized rating of your Contact Center and IVR systems.

How do your PBX, IVR, Telecom, and Call Center Assets and processes fit with the financial, operational, and growth goals for your entire enterprise?
How quickly and cheaply can your IT systems staff implement changes in your IVR systems?
How long are Contact Center agents spending on calls, and how much does wasted time affect your bottom line?
How effective is your Auto Attendant at getting callers to the proper data or department, and how can you improve menus to reduce time on the call?
How do your customers perceive your Auto Attendant or IVR and how effective are you utilizing this channel for driving more sales?
How do your customers perceive the service they get from your contact center agents, and how does this affect your position in the marketplace?
How well are you using the existing assets of your telecom vendors to provide the best customer experience possible?
Do you have the call statistics you need? How well are you meeting any risk management or regulatory requirements for data protection and history recreation?
How well situated are your contact center agents for survivability in the case the main site is unavailable?
How comprehensive are your Disaster Recovery processes and systems in the case of a major system failure? (Security, IT Management, virus protection, etc...)
How effective is your system test planning and does it cover all aspects of your IVR, Contact Center, and Telecom infrastructure?
Do you have enough or too much capacity in any of your telephony components?
How accurate and comprehensive is your system documentation for modeling how the system actually works?
How effective is your change control process in getting the right changes implemented on the first try without too much red tape?

evaluation process

Our process for evaluating telephony systems is simple and straightforward. We know what we need in order to examine the overall health of your system, and we know the questions to ask to get that information. Expect us to move fast. You'll have our final evaluation quickly -- it won't take months.


When you sign on for a VoiceVision® Evaluation, here is what you should expect:

Our engagement lead will request a list of specific documents for review.

The engagement lead will schedule a series of brief interviews with key stakeholders.

(Optional) Our expert consultants will visit your call center and telecom facilities for observation.

Our crack team of VoiceVision® analysts will evaluate the infomation obtained using our 14-point Diagnostic criteria.

We will provide you with the VoiceVision® Evaluation Document.

Now that you are armed with information, Take Action!

You Have Your Evaluation - What Now?

The difference between information and intelligence is intelligence drives action.


Now that you’ve evaluated the good and the bad of your system, it’s time to make some choices and take action. The VoiceVision® evaluation spotlights 14 areas of your system. Based on the evaluation, you have some choices to make.


Let’s look at the options.

Ignore recommendations, stay the course

There may be multiple reasons for this. Maybe you think we’re crazy. You’re entitled to your opinion. Maybe you’d like to make the suggested changes, but you don’t have the budget. You can, however, get on the record with your CTO and your CFO, stating that your system could be improved in cost-effective ways. Change doesn’t always happen overnight, but you need to start.

Make internal recommendations

With your evaluation in hand, begin the work of your course correction. This can be challenging, and most likely you can’t do it alone. Use the VoiceVision® Evaluation to support your case with management to improve your system and help your business. The evaluation can add credibility to your calls for action.

Get a 2nd opinion

Your system is critical to the long-term health of your business. The VoiceVision® Evaluation is supported by empirical evidence, years of experience, and by testimony from your own team members. You'll find our arguments supported in writing in the report, but in the end it’s an opinion about what’s right and what’s wrong with your system. We encourage our customers to seek out additional guidance and opinions regarding their systems and the way to optimize their resources. We’re confident that informed customers will see that our conclusions are well-informed and supported by accepted best practices.

Implement recommendations

You’re ready to take action and improve your system. Vision Point Systems is ready to assist you with development, architecture, and testing efforts. We are ready to help in any case where our staff’s expertise matches your needs, but we’re also smart enough to know we aren’t masters of all technologies. In cases where we do not engage clients on primary development work, we can help with vendor selection, project management, and customer-vendor liason work.

The important step to take upon receiving your VoiceVision® Evaluation is to move forward improving your system, whether that means replacing, revamping, or retooling your system or processes. If your system needs significant correction, consider your organization officially normal! If you’re in the proud minority of organizations who are walking the walk when it comes to best practices, use the VoiceVision® Evaluation to certify the success of your efforts and ensure that your business group is recognized for its hard work and success!