Serverless Computing

VPS architects applications to leverage modern cloud capabilities, such as AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway, for minimized server maintenance and maximum scalability.

Optimized Cost with Maximized Scalability

Vision Point Systems is your go-to partner for architecting, designing, and building modern, serverless applications. Our architects and engineers are experts in delivering powerful code built and deployed on AWS Lambda. Vision Point Systems is a Registered AWS Services Partner.

Lambda's serverless design eliminates the need for infrastructure management, reducing overhead costs and freeing up resources for other critical tasks. Moreover, AWS Lambda's pay-per-use pricing model allows for cost-effective operation, with users only paying for the resources used when executing code. Additionally, Lambda's highly scalable and flexible architecture allows it to handle sudden spikes in traffic or workload without the need for manual intervention, ensuring reliable and consistent performance even under heavy loads.

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Critical Workloads on Lambda

AWS Lambda's built-in security features, including automated security patching, network isolation, and role-based access controls, can help ensure the security and compliance of critical workloads. Running critical workloads on AWS Lambda can provide scalable, reliable, cost-effective, and secure operation, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to run mission-critical applications in the cloud.

Automated, Reliable Deployments

Automating deployments of serverless applications eliminates the potential for human error when deploying code, as the automation process can be tested and refined to ensure reliability and consistency. The likelihood of errors, downtime, and security vulnerabilities is reduced. Additionally, automating deployments allows for faster and more frequent updates, streamlining the process. This can be particularly valuable in environments where rapid development and deployment are necessary to stay competitive. Engage with our team to increase productivity, reduce errors and downtime, and improve the overall reliability and security of your application.

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Fault Tolerance to Reduce Risk of Downtime

Serverless architectures allow for graceful degradation and anticipating failures by design. In a traditional server-based architecture, when a server fails or becomes overloaded, it can result in application downtime, data loss, or other negative impacts. However, with serverless architectures, the responsibility for managing infrastructure and scaling resources is shifted to the cloud provider, such as AWS Lambda, allowing for automatic scaling and failover. Serverless architectures also use an event-driven design that enables the application to react to events in real-time, making it possible to detect and respond to errors quickly. We leverage built-in monitoring and alerting systems that can detect and alert users to issues before they cause significant impacts. This allows developers to anticipate potential failures and build in redundancy and fault tolerance to ensure that the application continues to function correctly in the event of a failure. Solutions delivered by VPS with a Serverless design are robust, resilient, and fault-tolerant systems that can gracefully degrade and anticipate failures, ensuring reliable operation and reducing the risk of costly downtime.

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Amazon API Gateway for Optimized Integrations

For applications that need to integrate with existing APIs, VPS leverages Amazon API Gateway.


Amazon API Gateway offers a range of integration optimizations that enable developers to build scalable, performant, and secure APIs quickly and easily. By leveraging the power of serverless computing, caching, and built-in security features, API Gateway simplifies the process of building and managing APIs, allowing developers to focus on delivering value to their customers.

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Scalability, Performance, and Security for your APIs

Amazon API Gateway can directly integrate with Lambda functions, allowing developers to easily build serverless APIs that scale automatically based on demand. This approach reduces the need for manual scaling and infrastructure management, enabling developers to focus on building and improving the API.


Another optimization is the use of caching to reduce API response times and minimize the number of requests sent to the backend service. API Gateway supports both simple and customizable caching options, which can be configured at the API, stage, or method level. By caching frequently accessed data, API Gateway can significantly reduce the response time of API requests, improving performance and reducing costs.


API Gateway also provides built-in support for authentication and authorization, enabling developers to secure their APIs with ease. API Gateway supports a variety of authentication mechanisms, including AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Amazon Cognito, and custom authentication providers. By securing APIs at the API Gateway level, developers can simplify security management and reduce the risk of unauthorized access to backend services.

Optimized API Endpoint Selection

Selecting the best REST API endpoint types in Amazon API Gateway is critical for optimizing cost, performance, and security. There are three types of endpoints to choose from: Edge-optimized, Regional, and Private.


Edge-optimized endpoints are the default endpoint type and are designed to improve the performance of global applications. They leverage Amazon CloudFront’s content delivery network to cache API responses and reduce latency for global requests. Edge-optimized endpoints are ideal for applications with a global user base that require low latency and high throughput.


Regional endpoints route traffic to API Gateway instances deployed in a specific region. They offer better control over traffic routing and can provide better performance for users located in the same region as the API Gateway instance. Regional endpoints are suitable for applications with a more localized user base that require high reliability and low latency.


Private endpoints are used to connect API Gateway to resources within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using an Amazon VPC Link. Private endpoints provide enhanced security by keeping API traffic within the VPC, isolating it from the public internet. Private endpoints are suitable for applications that require high levels of security and data privacy.

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Load Management

Amazon API Gateway offers several features to protect downstream integrations from excessive load, ensuring that backend services remain available and performant. One key feature is rate limiting, which enables developers to set quotas on API requests per second, minute, or hour. If the limit is exceeded, API Gateway can throttle or reject additional requests, preventing the backend service from being overwhelmed. Rate limiting can be applied at the API, stage, or method level, allowing developers to fine-tune their API's behavior and prevent abusive or malicious usage.

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Refactor or Re-Architect your applications with VPS

Vision Point Systems' cloud architects have extensive experience in refactoring or re-architecting existing applications to leverage serverless computing. This involves identifying components of the application that can be decomposed into smaller, independent functions that can be executed in a serverless environment. By doing this, we can create a more scalable, cost-effective, and resilient application that can handle variable loads and minimize operational overhead.


Our cloud architects use a variety of techniques and tools to refactor or re-architect applications for serverless computing, such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS Step Functions. By leveraging these services, we can develop applications that are event-driven, highly responsive, and cost-effective.


Vision Point Systems' cloud architects have the expertise and experience to help clients leverage serverless computing to optimize their applications for performance, cost, and scalability. By working closely with our clients and using the latest technologies and tools, we can deliver high-quality solutions that meet their business needs and exceed their expectations.

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Partner Platform Capabilities

VPS is known for our expert solutions with leading cloud platform partners such as Twilio and Salesforce. Part of our success with these platforms is our ability to leverage the serverless capabilities they offer - such as Twilio Functions and Salesforce Functions respectively. 


Successful delivery of solutions for scalable communications, sales and business operations, and customer support relies on the ability of the implementation partner to optimize solution architecture, and VPS has the requisite experience with serverless technology to ensure our customers are set up for success.

Multi-cloud coverage with Google and Azure

In addition to our expertise with the serverless capabilities of AWS, our team at VPS is experienced in building solutions using Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and Firebase (including Firestore). 


Vision Point Systems is a Member of Google Partner Advantage for Google Cloud.

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