Analysis and Acceleration of Appian Applications

The A4 Report from VPS

A roadmap for accelerating your existing Appian applications, delivered by the experts in performance analysis and optimization.

A Roadmap to Optimization

Often applications will show slow response times after go-live when put under a production load.  When these issues arise it is often difficult to pinpoint the root cause of the bottleneck.

The best way to avoid these types of issues is to run a comprehensive performance test program during the development phase. Unfortunately, some Appian customers may launch their systems with inadequate or even no performance testing conducted pre-production, and problems arise very soon after launch. That’s where Vision Point Systems' experience in engineering large scale Appian applications can be leveraged in order to get to the root of the performance problem.

The A4 Report: Analysis and Acceleration of Appian Applications

Our unique A4 report (short for Analysis and Acceleration of Appian Applications) will provide you the insight you need to understand where the system is performing less than optimally, and will give you a roadmap for fixing and optimizing your systems.


The A4 report process starts with our consultants and engineers taking a look under the hood of your existing system - analyzing logs, health check reports, process and interface metrics, and more.


Our experts will sort through the vast array of data available to us, pinpoint the most actionable information, and then provide specific metrics, alerts and recommendations on how to improve your operations.

Insight into the impact, priority, and action plan needed for performance issues

Vision Point Systems has an entire team dedicated to performance testing and resolving performance issues and we can leverage that experience to analyze the activities in a live application in order to determine what the root cause of the bottleneck is and offer steps that can be taken for remediation. . 


Vision Point Systems can also provide Appian Certified Developers to implement these changes if needed.

Talk to experienced Appian consultants, architects, engineers, and administrators focused on delivering efficient and valuable solutions.

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How A4 Reports Work

VPS engineers will leverage their experience in performance testing and remediation to analyze Appian logs in order to determine where the bottleneck occurs in the process. From there these engineers will do a deep dive into this root cause. These findings will drive recommendations to resolve these issues.


VPS has many accelerators that we utilize for performance analysis, one of which is an automated log analysis and reporting system which will highlight areas in Appian logs that reveal performance issues.


  • Application is live in production
  • Slow response times/performance issues have been noted



  • Team has access to logs from production (can be a lower environment, but the issue needs to be present in that environment)
  • Team has access to a lower environment and test account in order to work through the use case

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