Empower your team with powerful platforms delivered at peak performance.

We build and optimize applications to run mission critical business processes and communications.

Empower your team with powerful platforms delivered at peak performance.

We build and optimize applications to run mission critical business processes and communications.


Innovative solutions built on powerful platforms to help organizations operate and communicate faster with unparalleled reliability and efficiency.


Performance Testing: A Key to Cost Savings for Enterprise Applications


Chris Burgoyne

Senior Manager, Quality Assurance

Justin Harrison

Director, Appian Practice and Performance Testing SME



Vision Point Systems Earns Appian Acquisition Accreditation

VPS is officially one of only 11 companies across the United States designated to be part of the Appian Acquisition Accreditation program.


Using Whatsapp and Twilio to Increase Adoption of Covid-19 Vaccines for All Americans

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC served as a critical source for information about prevention and vaccination and has been instrumental in developing and distributing guidance on how to best protect yourself and others from Covid-19. In addition, the CDC has worked with state and local health departments to ensure that they have the resources they need to respond effectively to the Pandemic. As a result of the CDC’s efforts, the United States has been better equipped to weather the Pandemic than many other countries.


COVID-19 vaccines were approved and announced in late 2020, and released to the general public in February 2021. While the CDC had partnered with the United States Digital Service and Maximus to build a SMS communications solution to share accurate vaccine information, the Spanish-speaking community was getting vaccinated at a lower rate than other communities.


VPS joined the project to better inform the Spanish-speaking community about the COVID-19 vaccine through building a WhatsApp solution that is scalable, interactive, and always up to date. This app succeeded in reaching more Americans and increasing the vaccination rate.

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What you need to know about upgrading to Twilio Flex 2.0

If you started using Flex in 2022 or earlier, there’s a good chance you’re still running one of the 1.X releases. With Twilio announcing that they will drop support for 1.X versions of Flex in the Summer of 2024, now is the time to plan and execute a migration to 2.X.

How to Choose the Best Tool for Appian Automated Testing

Appian offers several choices for automated testing, including tools like FitNesse, Cucumber, and the Appian Selenium API. In this blog post, you’ll discover the advantages and disadvantages of each of these tools, helping you determine which one aligns best with your application’s needs.

What Color Is Your Data Fabric?

What color is your data fabric? In this blog, we go over the ways in which certain patterns represent the way you can set up your Appian data structure and sources. Learn how Appian can create a data fabric that matches your style and preferences.

Learn What’s New in Twilio Flex 2.0 for Administrators

Twilio Flex 2.0 has many exciting updates and a new Plugin Library. Learn how this release improves usability and design and offers ready-to-use Flex plugins, like the Supervisor Barge and Coach plugin. Take advantage of this release today and create a customized and scalable contact center solution.