VPS is officially one of only 11 companies across the United States designated to be part of the Appian Acquisition Accreditation program.

Fairfax, VA, April 18, 2023 – Vision Point Systems (VPS) is honored to share that they have been selected by Appian as a Bronze-level member of the Appian Acquisition Accreditation program, joining only ten other firms throughout the US that have reached this distinction.

Experience and Innovation Drive Accreditation

VPS’ acceptance into the Appian Acquisition Accreditation program comes as a result of years of collaboration with both their clients and with Appian. With a reliable history of creating innovative solutions to digitize the public sector, VPS has been a longstanding partner of Appian to deliver modernized services to citizens of today.

VPS has more than 20 years of experience providing expert services to government agencies, and over a decade of experience as an Appian partner. The collaboration between VPS and government agencies, as well as with Appian, has led to a mastery of the low-code automation platform and the ability to deliver meaningful results.

Accreditation Provides Limitless Future Opportunities for VPS to Positively Impact the Government Sector

The accreditation identifies VPS as a preferred Appian partner for government agencies. Justin Harrison, VPS’ Appian Practice Lead, states what this accreditation means for VPS and their partners:

“This Accreditation shows VPS’ commitment to providing solutions for the public sector featuring Appian. We know that the Acquisitions process is complex for Federal Agencies, but it’s also one where there are a lot of common tasks, data, and guidelines that are followed universally. This means a baseline solution that is customizable makes sense.

This Accreditation shows that VPS understands this operational use case, having both mastery of the Appian Government Acquisition Management solutions suite as well as historical experience of contributing to Acquisitions modernization programs over the last decade.”

VPS’ accreditation provides a recognizable mark of confidence that all government agencies can trust to validate the company’s capabilities.  Through Appian’s rigorous vetting process, VPS has proved itself as a valuable, dependable partner that government agencies can feel positively about collaborating with.

The Appian Acquisition Accreditation also widens the impact that VPS can make in the government sector. While Appian’s Government Acquisition Management solutions have been built with a focus on federal agencies, they can be customized and configured to make a significant impact for state and local agencies as well.  VPS looks forward to partnering with agencies across all levels to make a difference for all citizens.

Vision Point Systems to Showcase AI-Powered Acquisition Solutions at Appian World 2023

Vision Point Systems will be exhibiting at Appian World in San Diego from May 1-3, 2023. In addition to our booth at the event, you can find us at the Appian Acquisition Exchange on May 3rd where we will provide demos of our AI-powered acquisitions solutions for interested customers.

About Vision Point Systems

With 20 years of experience, Vision Point Systems is a software engineering consulting company that works with businesses facing unique software challenges, as well as government clients to address complex corrosion problems and related asset maintenance issues.  Made up of scientists, engineers and IT professionals, our company’s mission is to provide dynamic and comprehensive business process, communications, and engineering solutions by leveraging our team of experts and our ecosystem of leading technology partners.