What is: Virtual Hold?

Perhaps it’s the repetition of the claim “Your call is very important to us” that makes it ring so hollow when we’re on hold. As the hold music and messages repeat, we’re left wondering: If my call is as important as they say, then why doesn’t someone answer now?

Tracking Customer Satisfaction is Easy

Hi Everybody! We’ve got a new article up on ICMI’s website. In our article, “What if it was Easy?” we look at tracking customer satisfaction and how technology is making easier than ever.  Check out the article and let us know what you think in the comments.

Small Changes in the Contact Center Add Up to Big Savings

You’ve heard of death by a thousand cuts? It’s real, but we don’t have to be negative all the time.  Let’s make our glass half full and remember a more positive cliché: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The People In Your Neighborhood-The IT Department

Hi Everybody! The latest in our article series – The People in Your Neighborhood is up on ICMI’s website. This article looks at the unsung heroes of your Contact Center – the IT Department.

Contact Center Agent Efficiency

It costs money to staff a contact center, that’s a given.  The healthy contact center is tuned to get the most value from this investment.  The efficiency of your contact center agents reflects how well agents are set up for success by your organization.

A Decade of Service

October 2012 marks 10 years of incorporation for Vision Point Systems, the company bringing you VoiceVision. I founded the company in 2002 as YL Comm, Inc., with the goal of supporting the communications technology needs of pharmaceutical and other industries.