Performance Testing

Broken or under-performing software is one of the most costly issues facing the enterprise today. By investing in Appian performance testing, you can ensure that the systems that keep your business efficient and profitable continue to work at full capacity.

Plan for Success with Performance Testing

In this blog post we share what our performance testing process looks like through our team of experienced software engineers and why performance testing is so important for success.

The Price of Poor Performance

Do you ever wonder how underperforming software impacts a company’s bottom line? I do, and I have analyzed the value of software that performs well, regardless of what industry or […]

News of the Damned!

I got tipped off to this podcast at CAST. “Join your faithful host James Pulley and special guests every week for analysis on globally crashing websites and system failures while he reviews the disastrous sins of the evildoers in the IT department…”

Performance Testing 101: Types of Tests

Any software team worth its salt has testers. They execute functional tests to make sure that the system works as designed. They are, by and large excellent at this. What they usually DO NOT do, due to constraints of resources, is make sure that the system that worked correctly with 1 user (the tester) works correctly with 1000 or 10,000 users.