When you think of Business Process Management  or “Cloud” systems, do you think of the cost-control benefits first? Most people do. One of our 14 Points is “Leveraging Technology”, and cost reduction is a part of what we talk about, but a major piece is really on how you’re using the capabilities of your technology investments to the fullest extent, and really optimizing your customers’ experience with your Call Center and IVR.

Our partners are singing the same tune.

In a recent article by Genesys, Is Cloud Changing the Differentiation Game?, Remy Claret speaks on how you can leverage cloud-based Contact Center management systems to rapidly adapt your communication channels to customer demands. The ability to scale up new voice channels or even add alternate channels like chat and email on demand is a powerful feature of a platform like Genesys.

In another article by Appian, our BPM partner, BPM Investments Can Have Customer-Centric Implications, they touch on how back-office processes shouldn’t be measured solely on the turn-around-time for internal staff. Use a tool like BPM to optimize the touch points with the customer while streamlining the process as much as possible. We feel strongly that integrating BPM with Customer Communications processes can add value to all stakeholders. We call this concept CommPM, or Communications Process Management.

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