Appian Europe 2022 is over, and has left behind the sparks to ignite new relationships between partners and with clients, both in Europe and worldwide.

The two-day event has served to share and spread a wealth of knowledge regarding the industry as a whole, and the endless services and solutions Appian and partners have to offer. It has been interesting to hear different perspectives, but all in agreement that Appian is special and that it holds great power.

This power was effectively displayed in the third iteration of the Live Build Challenge, where four contestants from four different companies competed amongst each other to build an Appian application practically from scratch in 30 minutes, with two distinct parts to the challenge:

  1. Build and meet all target user story acceptance criteria
  2. Prioritize carefully and build select stretch goals for extra credit

The theme of the challenge was the FIFA World Cup, where the contestants had to build a publicly accessible Appian portal open to everyone, showing details about upcoming matches and allowing users to vote on who they think might win. Appian has even published the challenge requirements on Appian Community, so anyone can give this challenge a go.

From Vision Point Systems in the US and Vision Point Systems Ltd. in the UK we will be supporting both the US and the UK teams!

The only things provided in the challenge  as a starting point were the implemented database model including data, and a few UI assets such a color palette and a few branding images.

Three out of four contestants were able to successfully publish their application.

Granted, what was developed in 30 minutes was not production-ready, as many liberties were taken and not all the best practices were followed, but the end result is an application that works and has value. Goes to show the art of the possible.

If you can build a functional business application that offers real and tangible value in 30 minutes, that is indeed extremely powerful. 

As a participant of the first ever Live Build Challenge, I know this first hand. You can watch me participate here!

Appian in the Context of Presales

Not only does this apply to in-project Appian development, but the capacity to build functional applications with such speed also plays a key role in presales activities.

To illustrate this with a very recent experience, I have found myself this past weekend having to prepare a last minute demo for a prospect client with complex business requirements. In a matter of 12 solid hours of development, I implemented one of their core workflows which also included reads and writes to the database. So not only have I been able to create a stunning and intuitive interface, but also implement a functional use case that, after a few adjustments, could serve as a production worthy application.

Appian Never Fails to impress

Customers, potential and otherwise, are always impressed with how fast thought becomes reality with Appian. This does not only apply to rapidly bringing a demo to life for a sale, but most importantly applies to ongoing engagements where maintainability, scalability, robustness, reusability and performance are key factors.

Let Vision Point Systems Impress you

If there is a business requirement, at Vision Point Systems we can solve it with our extensive knowledge and expertise in Appian and software engineering. We are a trusted Appian partner, and world leaders in Appian performance testing. We can make Appian be whatever you need it to be, at lightning speed and peak performance.

Vision Point Systems can help you become successful. Speak with one of our team members today.