VPS commemorates two decades of providing unique, high impact solutions to clients, and looks forward to more decades of providing world class professional services.

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, October 24, 2022 –The VPS team on its 20-year anniversary proudly celebrates the values that have defined the organization and its unwavering dedication to them: commitment, consistency, curiosity, and partnership.

These values have taken VPS from a one-man venture launched on October 17, 2002 by Yong Lee to a dynamic minority-owned company respected in the technology consulting space and poised for steady and continued growth.

Reflecting on the past 2 decades, VPS Founder and CEO Yong Lee explains, “We pride ourselves on our ability to target our energy on efforts to deliver at critical points. This includes investing in our teams’ technical expertise, ensuring reliability from a business perspective, and maintaining consistency as we support our customers and partners. Our executives have been working at VPS for at least 85% of the company’s history. Our customer and partner relationships likewise have stood the test of time. Our 20th anniversary is a testament to the consistency of our focus and values.”

Commemorating the First 20 Years

Celgene Corporation (now part of Bristol Myers Squibb) became the first VPS client in November 2002. VPS helped Celgene achieve and maintain FDA compliance for their computer systems used to manage the prescription process of its cancer medicines. This set the tone on VPS’ focus on quality and processes needed to manage the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) that results in high quality software.

VPS’ first full-time employee and current Senior Vice President, Jim Schweitzer, was hired in April 2003.

Jim played a pivotal role in the growth and success of VPS. In discussing his time at the Company, Jim shared, “I started when VPS was in its infancy in 2003 as the first full-time employee after Yong. The environment and culture that has blossomed over 20 years traces itself back to the team of curious, adventurous, but technically principled engineers and supporting staff that Yong hired at the very beginning, and we still see these traits today as VPS embraces the future of technology in the solutions we deliver for our customers.”

Another key milestone was VPS’ president Brad Shaw coming on board in April, 2004. He arrived to lead VPS’ entering the Public Sector market. This culminated in VPS’ first government contract in 2005 with the U.S. Department of the Navy. Since then, VPS has served the needs of the US Navy Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), USMC CPAC Program Office, and the US Army TACOM through prime contracts. Brad managed the compliance necessary to manage these contracts from a security and accounting perspective. Brad gave his perspective on why VPS has been successful – “Our job as executives is to remove barriers and empower our employees to do their jobs. This creates long term relationships with our customers.”

VPS’s first tech platform partnership was with Genesys in 2009. In this important endeavor, VPS began delivering modern IVR and contact center solutions with VoiceXML.In the early 2010’s, VPS embarked on two major partnerships that continue to be a large part of the Company’s current offerings. In 2012, VPS joined forces with Appian, followed by Twilio in 2013.

Noting VPS’ history, Chris Burgoyne, VPS’ Quality Assurance Practice Lead, says, “I’ve been at VPS for 17 years because I’ve never wanted to be anywhere else. Our teams deliver, and our customers stay with us for that reason. In some ways, our success is simple.”

Driving Change Through Technology

Yong Lee has also sought to partner with clients that serve global humanitarian needs as well as serve the public good. Throughout the history of VPS, projects that use technology to improve the world have been a great priority.

VPS has built technology solutions for dozens of non-profit customers such as Trek Medics (emergency response systems for countries that do not have 911-type infrastructure) and WhyHunger (raises money to empower people to meet their own nutritional needs). Also notable is VPS building an essential piece of technology for the CDC’s Vaccines.gov program that enabled non-English speakers to obtain important COVID-19 vaccine information.

VPS’ partnership with Twilio has served as great opportunities to support nonprofits in general as communications is an important functional need for organizations that serve the less fortunate around the world. Twilio’s omnichannel communications framework has been VPS’ primary platform to build solutions for 501(c)(3) organizations.

The Future of Vision Point Systems

VPS aims to scale the same service, innovation, and creativity into our next 20 years and beyond.

The Company plans to grow while maintaining the cohesion and culture of a small business, continuing to embrace new complementary technology partnerships to provide unique and new solutions for clients. VPS’ future outlook includes clarifying for customers the core benefits of big data and AI so real benefits can be leveraged.

VPS thrives 20 years after its founding because of valued relationships with its partners and customers. VPS extends its appreciation to those organizations and individuals who have been part of this momentous journey. We’re also grateful to our entire team and our shared vision to get to the next level, together.

About Vision Point Systems

Vision Point Systems is a software and engineering consulting company with 20 years of experience, working with both businesses with unique software challenges and government clients to solve complex corrosion problems and their related asset maintenance issues. Made up of scientists, engineers and IT professionals, our company’s mission is to provide dynamic and comprehensive business process, communications, and engineering solutions by leveraging our team of experts and our ecosystem of leading technology partners.