Appian 24.1: Revolutionizing AI-powered Process Automation

Learn about one of the most exciting new features of Appian 24.1: the Prompt Builder AI Skill. This premium tier feature allows you to integrate the capabilities of Gen AI into your Appian Process Models, using natural language prompts to display information, suggest actions, and write to a database based on the context of your process.

Twilio Flex vs Talkdesk: Which to choose?

Explore Twilio Flex vs Talkdesk: Uncover the best cloud contact center solution for your organization. Compare features, advantages, and pricing to make an informed decision.

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IVR Maintainability

IVR Maintainability reflects your ability to change and configure the automated voice menus that your customers navigate to accomplish their goal when contacting you. It is the first point of our VoiceVision 14 Point Diagnostic which we will discuss in detail.

The People In Your Neighborhood: The Agent

The latest in our article series – The People in Your Neighborhood is up on ICMI’s website. This article looks at the backbone of the Call Center – the Agent, and the tools they need to build a value-based relationship with customers.

Employee Directory Blues

A lot of people say they hate IVRs, but we think they really just hate bad IVRs. Occasionally (OK, frequently) we run into bad IVRs, too. Since IVR is what we do, we try to help.

Call Progress Analysis #FAIL

It’s time to dust off the “Teachable Moments” blog tag. I’m regretting deleting the voicemail I just got from a telemarketer (who will remain nameless thanks to my quick trigger finger and weak primacy memory effect).

Interview with ICMI’s Brad Cleveland

Welcome everyone once again to the latest installment of our series of conversations with industry leaders! Today we are speaking with Brad Cleveland, known globally as one of today’s foremost experts in customer strategy and management.

DIA 2012 Preview

I’m on my way to the 2012 DIA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia next week. The DIA organization represents a great confluence of the pieces of the pharmaceutical value chain where VoiceVision is most appropriate.