Accessibility Testing with Low-Code Platforms

Explore the importance of Accessibility Testing in Low-Code platforms for universal usability. Learn how to design for various disabilities and ensure 508 compliance with VPS’s expert guidance.

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Call Progress Analysis #FAIL

It’s time to dust off the “Teachable Moments” blog tag. I’m regretting deleting the voicemail I just got from a telemarketer (who will remain nameless thanks to my quick trigger finger and weak primacy memory effect).

Interview with ICMI’s Brad Cleveland

Welcome everyone once again to the latest installment of our series of conversations with industry leaders! Today we are speaking with Brad Cleveland, known globally as one of today’s foremost experts in customer strategy and management.

DIA 2012 Preview

I’m on my way to the 2012 DIA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia next week. The DIA organization represents a great confluence of the pieces of the pharmaceutical value chain where VoiceVision is most appropriate.

Mobile is Mandatory

CRM managers must respond to the advent of mobile technology with an enthusiastic embrace.

ICMI Article Series - ACCE 2012 Conference Recap

Hello readers! I just got back from Seattle and boy are my arms tired! I was up to my eyeballs in Contact Center Camaraderie and Commiseration at the ICMI ACCE (“ACE”) conference in Seattle.

Use A Knowledge Base To Reduce Costs

A knowledge base is software an organization can use to store knowledge acquired in the course of doing business. We’re talking about a database, only filled with knowledge and wisdom rather than just randomly accumulated data, so it’s a knowledge base.

We Don’t Want To Replace Your Phone System

VoiceVision is a methodical approach to evaluating the overall efficiency of your integrated telephony and contact center resources.
To conduct these evaluations, we have to ask a lot of questions about how staff members get things done with the tools they have.