It’s time to dust off the “Teachable Moments” blog tag. I’m regretting deleting the voicemail I just got from a telemarketer (who will remain nameless thanks to my quick trigger finger and weak primacy memory effect). I was at first impressed by the Call Progress Analysis that was performed – the recording that was on my machine had apparently successfully detected the call result as a machine and not a live human, as indicated by it not being cut off at the start and a contextual “sorry we missed you” greeting. My professional respect quickly turned into a facepalm when the message ended with “If you’d like to be put on our Do Not Call list, please press 9.”

C’mon. Really?

If you’re going through the trouble of implementing accurate machine detection in your outbound IVR, please don’t ask a machine to press a button. Is that so hard? If this was your company, give us a call. We can help!