We blog here at VPS to share our experiences and our general knowledge in our industry.

What’s a blog if not a chance to get out there an play talking head and jabber about what everybody is seeing everyday!

We know you’ve been there with us.

You explain your job to somebody, or you have to train the new guy, or you have explain technology, and it’s all acronyms, and that’s even for the general concepts.  Once you start digging down deep, every platform has its own acronyms. WTF,  I mean, OMG, right? (LOL)

IT (that’s information technology) is rife with acronyms. Presumably, only the military is worse.  Here at VPS, we help IT organizations optimize their PBXs, IVRs, and contact centers for CCRs who are concerned about approval from the FDA. But acronyms are totally necessary! You’d have to be an orator with mad Shakespearean skills to continually talk about public branch exchanges and interactive voice response systems in regular conversation. You’ll sprain your tongue trying that.

Acronyms become very familiar, and it can be unnerving when an acronym you know and love begins to show age. Like the old lion king, the aging acronym will ultimately be displaced by a new one. Our business is IVR (interactive voice response). More and more often, IVR is being referred to as IRT (interactive response technology) which includes IWR (interactive web response). For some people, IVRS is being replaced (IVR with system) but that’s ok, because we tend to use IVR and not IVRS.

So as you move into the new year thinking about CTI (computer telephony integration), embrace change and remember, never get an acronym tattoo. It’ll be obsolete before you know it (and almost certainly before you die!).