Inaugural VPS Golf Classic to benefit WhyHunger

We have the honor of organizing our first ever tournament to benefit our customer WhyHunger, a non-profit organization that empowers local communities around the world to meet the nutritional needs of the less fortunate.

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Welcome to the VPS SES Blog

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the VPS Software Engineering Blog. We’ll be using this as a venue for sharing our experiences and thoughts as it relates to the world of Software for the Enterprise. You’ll see plenty about BPM, especially Appian, as that’s where we’ve been focused for the past few years.

Tracking Customer Satisfaction is Easy

Hi Everybody! We’ve got a new article up on ICMI’s website. In our article, “What if it was Easy?” we look at tracking customer satisfaction and how technology is making easier than ever.  Check out the article and let us know what you think in the comments.

Small Changes in the Contact Center Add Up to Big Savings

You’ve heard of death by a thousand cuts? It’s real, but we don’t have to be negative all the time.  Let’s make our glass half full and remember a more positive cliché: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”