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Top 7 Resources for Appian

In the process of developing enterprise Appian solutions, we come across powerful resources for Appian that we use to help guide strategic business and architecture planning as well as technical implementation. Our Appian solutions team has compiled some of our most valuable resources and references to share with you below.

Optimizing Queries within Appian

In this article we take a technical deep dive into Appian and discuss a simple way to make your queries more performant at scale. Read on to learn about how to stay on track and find success with your app.

5 Takeaways for Low Code from AWS re:Invent 2021

Last week was AWS’ 10th anniversary edition of the re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, NV. It was a nonstop week packed with keynotes, product overviews, hands-on labs, workshops and much…

How to Choose a Low Code Development Platform

It is essential to choose the best low-code tool for your organization to fit your specific needs for use case coverage, developer profiles, integrations, DevOps, and cost models.

Appian Government 2021: The VPS Recap

This past Tuesday, November 16 was the annual Appian Government conference in Washington, DC. The event – hosted by Appian – is a conference that connects government agencies, Appian partners and executives, product leadership, and delivery teams to discuss driving industry learning, collaboration, and innovation.