In early 2019, VPS was asked to provide performance testing services for a large UK customer by Appian’s European leadership team. This was not the first time we’d been asked to visit a customer in the UK to provide a specialized service that addressed a critical part of a scalable Appian implementation. A dialog began with this visit that culminated in Vision Point Systems forming a subsidiary in the United Kingdom in late summer of that year. We thus founded Vision Point Systems Limited to extend what are today successful decade-long Appian and Twilio partnerships to the European market where VPS distinctives are certain to benefit customers. Throughout our history, our goal has been to provide unique services and skills that add value to our platform partners’ ecosystem. Rather than create yet another practice that replicates what most people already do, we looked at how we can stand out by addressing key but seldom addressed elements that enable customers to achieve the full potential of the platforms they use. We know the UK and Europe are well served by tech consulting companies within the Appian and Twilio communities in general, but we offer some key capabilities that have remained unaddressed.

Another reason we established VPS Limited is our experience with serving multinational corporations that operate in both North America and Europe. Throughout our history we’ve been serving the needs of companies in industries that operate under similar regulations, or regulations mutually recognized in both markets. Examples include pharmaceutical companies that market their products in both the US and EU. Our experience with these companies can be extended to the UK and the European Union.

Last but not necessarily least, Europe is of personal interest for many of us at VPS. While a business decision must be financially justifiable, having a natural, inquisitive fascination with the market certainly helps. I grew up playing classical piano and learning about European history, arts, and architecture. The UK in particular is where much of the modern business world began. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 established property rights and sparked the rise of modern capitalism. The American colonies inherited this framework from its mother country, which gave the US a driving impetus for business innovation throughout its history. We at VPS are direct beneficiaries of the political and entrepreneurial developments that originated in the UK. Therefore, doing business in the country where the modern business world began is of cultural and intellectual interest to us.

It is thus we embark on growing our business in the UK and Europe. We believe we have uniquely beneficial insight and knowledge to support Appian and Twilio customers. To any business who is based across the pond and who is in the process of deploying Low-code and/or cloud communications, and speaking on behalf of VPS Limited’s directors and employees, we look forward to doing business with you.