Twilio Flex – The Future of Contact Centers

Businesses need to find ways to provide a digital experience that satisfies the demands of their customer base and empowers their contact center agents. A seamless contact center service builds better customer relationships and finding the tools that enable this is crucial.

Modern businesses that are in the process of deploying a new contact center historically have had the choice of building a custom on-premise one or buying a CCaaS solution. However, both of these options present limitations. While custom on-premise contact centers are scalable and customizable with the right resources and in-house developers, they are very expensive and inelastic. While SaaS contact centers are less expensive, this type of platform will typically have limited customizability, reducing their effectiveness as communication channels and making them less helpful to contact center agents.

Twilio Flex, a programmable contact center platform, represents the best of both worlds for these options. Flex is a platform for applications that has unlimited flexibility and limitless customizations, with instant deployment, and massively scalability. Customers, such as Lyft, have depended on Twilio Flex for their contact center journey, relying on Flex to handle their large-scale operations with confidence into the future.


Optimizing Your Twilio Flex Instance

While many organizations have made the decision to switch to Flex, not as many have thought about their maintenance plan for their contact center going forward. Twilio, like other robust technology platform providers, is constantly iterating and improving their products. In order to properly maximize what Flex brings to the table, it’s important to keep up with version updates, product changes, and understand any outages you might experience. This upkeep can take a lot of time, and your business might not have the time or resources to do this. So how can you still confidently maximize the benefits of Flex while minimizing the burden on your employees?


Twilio Flex Managed Services

One of the best ways to do this is by having a consulting firm handle Twilio Flex’s managed services. Vision Point Systems is one of only a handful of Twilio-certified Managed Services providers. Vision Point Systems has a track record of empowering business leaders to be able to focus on their business, instead of maintaining their contact center and dealing with demanding applications. Our services are designed to improve the performance, efficiency, and security of your Twilio Flex contact center, and offer infinite flexibility and complete control. With customizable services rather than one-size-fits-all applications, VPS stands out and exceeds customer expectations. Some of the many tasks that you get access to through a partnership are:


Version Updates:

We regularly monitor new version updates and changes within the platform. As part of our management services, our team will perform and test system updates and implement new organizational tools as they are made available through Twilio Flex, providing you with the most impactful solution. Since we are on top of product changes, we also keep track of which tools are going to be sunset. We’ll provide recommendations on what actions need to be taken next to prevent your contact center from being impacted, and help ensure operator productivity.


Quick responses and SLAs:

Our quick response SLA provides system and incident support with easy ways to get in touch via phone, SMS, or email to ensure you get the maximum ROI. When something unforeseen happens, you can depend on our team to be there using any method of communication you need. Our relationships with customers are dependent on providing rapid responses through the communications channels of our customers’ choosing, and our rapid support is an additional layer to the VPS offering.  VPS even uses Twilio Flex to run our own support desk!


Health checks:

We perform health checks to proactively improve your contact center setup. With these checks, we can catch problems with contact center solutions earlier on and monitor every aspect of your solution to make sure it is still delivering the best results. VPS will perform monthly system health reviews, upgrade testing, documentation, and more as part of this ongoing maintenance. This ensures that contact center solutions remain effective and businesses can maintain their customer service standard.


Prepaid Changes:

This is one of the most important and unique features of our support plans. Twilio Flex is most valuable because of its programmability and flexibility, which offers companies infinite customizability. We know that there are opportunities to make changes that can improve agent experiences or customer satisfaction that can be small and quick, but sometimes the contracting process for change requests can get in the way. We include an allotment of service time for new development in most of our support plans so that our customers can feel free to request enhancements without worrying about red tape and budgeting. This makes it easy for our contact center partners to make the necessary tweaks that improve the customer experience.


Partner-Led Twilio Flex Support

In addition to our supplemental support plans for Twilio Flex, Vision Point Systems is one of a small group of partners authorized by Twilio to offer Partner-Delivered Support of the Twilio Platform. VPS is able to offer the benefits of Personalized Twilio Support plus our Flex Application and operations support through a single contract and single point-of-contact.


When Twilio Flex Support is Critical

While Twilio is reliable and resilient, it still relies on a lot of software with sophisticated components to operate, and there’s always a risk of something not working as intended. Our goal with our Flex Support plans is to smooth these incidents out the best we can. Here is one example. In 2021, we noticed that one of our customer’s Studio Flow IVR systems was encountering failures in speech recognition where it had previously worked. After investigating the behavior in collaboration with Twilio Support engineers, we were able to identify an undocumented behavior change in the third-party ASR vendor which Twilio uses. We did have to make some adjustments on our flow programming to address this, but the cost of this change to the end customer was covered by the VPS Managed Services Plan.

To learn more about our Twilio Flex Managed Services practice, Visit Our Website that details different plans to fit your organization.

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