We don’t want to replace your phone system.
We want to make your system work for you.

VoiceVision is a methodical approach to evaluating the overall efficiency of your integrated telephony and contact center resources.

To conduct these evaluations, we have to ask a lot of questions about how staff members get things done with the tools they have.

Interestingly enough, when we meet folks, and start asking them questions, they want to know, “What does your phone system do? What will your phone system do for us? Does your phone system have option z?”

VoiceVision is a consulting engagement, not a hardware implementation.

Our 14-Point Diagnostic process measures how well your voice systems meet business and customer needs within your specific business. Our goal is to let our experience work for you, and to fine tune the deployment you have.

If your deployment is terrible, it may need to be replaced, and we can help you select and implement a replacement, but selling IVR is not our primary business.