Testing has been part of the secret sauce at VPS since we got started in 2002, and while it may be a bit boring, we maintain that QA pays for itself.

Working on Appian development projects, our testers stand out in that they are familiar with Appian and can go further into the application than a typical black-box functional tester.

In the past few years we’ve integrated more and more automation into our testing program, with  powerful results.

Using Fitnesse For Appian, our functional testers automate functional tests as we go, and quickly develop a suite of tests that can be used for quick, on-demand regression tests.

Fitnesse For Appian is quick to learn and powerful for test teams. With each tester on the team quickly automating the core flow of their stories under test, the ability to execute the automation on demand yields quick returns.

  • Stakeholders can see flows in action for UAT
  • The system can be smoke tested after any downtime or restart
  • The suite of tests can be quickly pointed to different environments – test in TEST, and then quickly pivot to PREPROD.

The functional testers are already hitting all parts of the system – the bit of additional time needed to script the cases more than pays off down the road when the testers are spared hours and hours of repetitive manual testing.

If you’re interested in test automation for Appian projects, come see us at our booth at AppianWorld 2020.