Hi Everyone! Welcome to the VPS Software Engineering Blog.

We’ll be using this as a venue for sharing our experiences and thoughts as it relates to the world of Software for the Enterprise. You’ll see plenty about BPM, especially Appian, as that’s where we’ve been focused for the past few years. We’ll also work in some discussion on traditional software development, including some of the differences between writing code and working with a Enterprise platform. We’ve been developing software for customers of all sizes for 15 years, so there’s a wealth of experience on our team that to date has been untapped to the blogosphere.

We’ll also throw back to our VoiceVision days. Not forgotten, the world of enterprise telephony, has its own story to be told. One of our missions as a company is to bridge the gap between Communications and BPM, so look for this to be a theme going forward.

So who are we? I’m Jim, our director. I tend to run the lead on our initiatives, so you’ll hear about business benefits and challenges, new technologies, industry news, and so on. Apologies in advance for the buzzwords, that’s the MBA talking.

You’ll also hear from Chris Burgoyne, our lead Quality Manager. He likes to talk about what a good project looks like, what a bad project looks like, and other topics relating to how the work gets done in our industry. Good Guy. Justin Harrison is our lead performance test engineer, which has been another recent focus for us. Justin’s gotten very good at blowing up servers over the past few years, so look for tales of destruction (and how they could have been avoided) from him. We’ll involve other team members as well, so stay tuned!