VPS and Spoke announce a new partnership to bring Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and PBX functionality powered by Twilio to the North American market, enabling companies to create personalized communications experiences across their entire organizations.


Fairfax, VA, April 18, 2022 – For a decade, Vision Point Systems has partnered with Twilio to reimagine the contact center and produce impactful and strategic Twilio-powered solutions for our clients. As of April 2022, we’re taking Twilio customization and scalability to the next level with our new partner, Spoke Phone.

Spoke Phone, a Twilio Gold Technology partner, provides a programmable phone system allowing customers to deliver the very best customer experience on every call. Partnering with Spoke allows VPS to take the personalized customer experiences we have built in our customers’ contact centers and ensure they continue when customers interact with the rest of the organization that do not use the contact center.

Spoke’s technology integrates an omnichannel contact center with a programmable cloud phone system so customers get highly-contextual personalized conversations every time, no matter who they talk to across the organization. Through this partnership, Vision Point Systems, a Twilio Silver Consulting Partner, will now be able to leverage this technology in solutions for our customers.

“We are excited to welcome VPS on board as a Spoke Partner. From our first discussions, we identified there was a natural fit between the unique communication and customer experience solutions that VPS is building on Twilio and the pre-built programmability of Spoke,” says Craig Gerken, Spoke Phone SVP of Enterprise Sales and Partner Channel.


VPS + Spoke makes UCaaS solutions more accessible

“Spoke allows us to bring the benefits of Twilio’s powerful programmable communications platform to the whole enterprise. VPS is now able to offer solutions for unified communications including both the contact center and back office that had previously been too complex or costly.” says Jim Schweitzer, Senior Vice President at VPS.

Up until now, solutions that bridge the gap between contact center and back office have been limited to complex, expensive solutions. VPS can offer Spoke as a way to bring unified communications capabilities to new markets.

“Our first Spoke customer is actually VPS itself. We have offices in the US and in the UK, plus remote workers around the globe, and Spoke is the perfect solution for a single unified communications platform for a company like us. We can rely on Twilio’s Super Network for call delivery and avoid having to manage telecom vendors for every individual location,” – Yong Lee, VPS CEO


About Vision Point Systems

Vision Point Systems is a software and engineering consulting company with 20 years of experience serving both commercial and government clients. Our mission is to provide dynamic and comprehensive business process and communications solutions by leveraging our team of expert professionals and our ecosystem of leading technology partners.


About Spoke Phone

Spoke Phone increases business outcomes 10x by democratizing contact center conversations across the entire enterprise. Today, only a small portion of employees are equipped to have highly-contextual personalized customer conversations. Spoke empowers the rest of the organization (typically 12.5x more employees), to have the same high-quality contact center-like conversations and outcomes too.