Omnichannel Business Needs

Businesses are increasingly feeling the need to provide omnichannel solutions. In fact, nearly 80% of customers prefer omnichannel strategies. This type of demand affects how technology companies position their products as well. Intercom’s new feature “Switch” exemplifies this understanding. Intercom is a conversational relationship platform intended to unify your business around meeting customer needs, so that every conversation and interaction is more personal, effective, and grows the business. While Intercom doesn’t provide any products that allow voice conversations, they understand that a customer might use many channels to start a conversation with a business. This is where Switch comes in.


Intercom Switch Bridges the Gap from Voice to Chat

Intercom Switch is a feature designed to bridge the gap from voice to chat for your contact center. At any point in an active call flow, you can use Switch to send your customer a text message that contains a link to begin a chat conversation. The conversation will pick up right where they left off on the phone.

Why does this matter? Chat within Intercom opens the door to automated data collection that isn’t possible using voice. For example, you can use Intercom chat to collect a customer email address upfront and then integrate data from a CRM to your agents. Low Code workflows and bots can be used to triage conversations appropriately to the correct agents and troubleshoot support cases before they even reach one. All this additional information makes your agents more equipped to give your customers positive experiences with their questions, issues, or clarifications. Businesses agree that maintaining a strong relationship with existing customers is important. 82% say that retention is cheaper than acquisition and that 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers.


What Intercom Switch Means for your Business

With Intercom Switch, you get faster resolution times for your customers. It can integrate with any existing IVR. Your customers will no longer have to spend their time waiting on hold. For the agents, they can become more productive from being able to message multiple customers at the same time.

Vision Point Systems is an Intercom Service Partner. If you are interested in learning more about how Intercom or Switch could help your contact center needs, learn more about our Intercom practice.