I’m on my way to the 2012 DIA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia next week. The DIA organization represents a great confluence of the pieces of the pharmaceutical value chain where VoiceVision is most appropriate. There will be much conversation about best practices in IVRS or IRT in clinical trials alongside discussion of Medical Information and Drug Safety contact center operations.

I’ve picked a few of the highlights among the literally hundreds of sessions that will be presented over the 4 day mega-event. Here are some that I’m most excited about:

  • Adverse Event Reporting in the Era of Web 2.0: The Challenges of Having a Two-Way Conversation
  • Publish or Perish: The Impact of Retracted Scientific Literature on Medical Information/Communications Departments
  • Leveraging Technology in an Age of Readily Available Information
  • REMS: Are Our Written Communications Truly Mitigating Risks to Patients?
  • Global Medical Information in Real-life Situations
  • Cloud Computing in Regulated Environments
  • Economic Considerations and Management in the Modern Day Clinical Trial

As you can see the topics are wide and varied, even within the small sub-chains of the industry represented. This conference will do what conferences do best, that is allow those of us in the industry to pick our heads up and look at the trends and changes on the horizon. Topics like web 2.0, Social Media, Globalization, and cloud technology are change agents, and it’s great to be part of the discussion on how to leverage these new opportunities and create and support better drug products.