Author: Jim Schweitzer | Published: November 17, 2021

This past Tuesday, November 16 was the annual Appian Government conference in Washington, DC. The event – hosted by Appian – is a conference that connects government agencies, Appian partners and executives, product leadership, and delivery teams to discuss driving industry learning, collaboration, and innovation. The Appian low-code automation platform has been instrumental in supporting federal government agencies’ efforts to improve efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness over the last 2 decades.

The hybrid experience gathered both virtual and in-person attendees with an introductory presentation from Jason Adolf, Industry Vice President of Public Sector at Appian which was  immediately followed by a keynote from Appian Founder & CEO, Matt Calkins. The third speaker of the morning was James “Hondo” Geurts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Navy, who set the tone for the day by inspiring attendees to consider and lean into curiosity, humility, and boldness in all that they do.

The conference featured panels made up of Appian, partner,  and agency staff exploring topics related to the public sector, defense, cloud security, Appian success stories, product updates and demos, and other product and industry innovations. Attendees were given breaks to network with other industry leaders and in the afternoon, Appian delivered their 2021 Appian Partner Awards.

Among the winners were two VPS partners: Deloitte, which received the Transformation Award (Appian’s top partner award) for the second year in a row and Groundswell Consulting Group which was awarded the Value Award which honors delivery speed, customer satisfaction, and excellence. Learn more about our delivery partnership with Deloitte. Other award recipients included iShift, IEM, ICF,, and Ignyte for their contributions and advancements to the Appian Government sphere.


What We Saw at Appian Government 2021

During the event, VPS staff connected with both B2B and government agency leaders and we were inspired by the innovative ways these leaders are utilizing the Appian low-code platform to support digital transformation. We also had the opportunity to hear about new developments to the Appian application and suite of available tools to increase staff productivity, agency agility, improve workflows, and simplify processes for a more effective end user experience.

Appian leaders unveiled visions for expansion following their recent acquisition of Lana Labs, a developer of process mining tools supported by powerful AI and machine learning technologies. The acquisition added to Appian’s already expansive range of process optimization capabilities. VPS CEO and Founder Yong Lee spoke to the latest development: “This is the first opportunity we’ve had to see Appian lay out the vision for adding process mining into the solution suite since its acquisition of Lana Labs in August. As an Appian partner, it’s exciting to see how the new features will add to the already robust Appian platform.”

Another interesting development announced at the event was an update to the robotic process designer within Appian, which now lets users run a new automated process within the context of a previous process – improving business’ automation capabilities – along with new debugging tools for robotic process automation. These new tools equip VPS with additional abilities to build custom solutions for government agencies through the Appian platform while adhering to agency policies and existing process solutions.

Appian also gave an update on Appian Portals, which was previously announced at AppianWorld. Portals are backed by microservers that allow for anonymous data entry into the platform. This development opens the door for users in a government or business environment to interact with Appian without a license, supporting efforts focused on cost savings.

We were thrilled to hear from Ben Allen, Director of Federal Acquisition Solutions at Appian, who delivered a presentation on the current state of the Appian Government Acquisition Suite and how agencies can employ it to expedite and improve the acquisition process. The suite – trusted by leading government agencies – is geared towards agencies seeking automation tools to accelerate processes related to operating in a regulatory environment, rapid delivery of results, award and asset management, vendor selections, and more. VPS has supported multiple agencies with deploying the Acquisition framework since 2014.

As always, we enjoyed connecting with other industry thought leaders and learning about new ways VPS can contribute to Appian government customers.


VPS and Appian Government 

The experts at Vision Point Systems have been involved in a number of government projects, ranging from performance testing to custom Appian development. We have consulted and played a supportive role on projects, seeking a variety of solutions for a range of hurdles in government processes, including:

  • Risk management
  • Manual process automation
  • Missions systems
  • Scalable applications
  • Complete low-code automation

VPS provides a full range of Appian solutions and services to businesses and agencies seeking process automation, improved customer service, business transformation, streamlining of complex workflows and more.

We are excited to expand our services to more government agencies. To get in touch with us, follow the link below to schedule a demo with a member of our team.