Author: Andrew Ramadan   |   Published: November 17, 2021

Twilio for Salesforce is a powerful tool that can instantly transform any organization. It combines the messaging capabilities of Twilio with the process management capabilities of Salesforce to reach your audience at scale. There are 7 functionalities within the technology that make Twilio for Salesforce a useful tool for businesses:

1) Real Time 1:1 Chat

The Twilio For Salesforce integration delivers a real-time 2-way chat widget that can be configured on your Leads or Contact record in just a few minutes. For new contacts or leads, this will automatically capture customer data and put it in your records, automating the data capture process and supporting customer success efforts.

2) Group Inbox

Twilio for Salesforce has a group inbox component out of the box as well. Just like the chat widget, it can be set up in a matter of minutes. This feature allows specific team members to track inbound and outbound messages in one place and easily view the most recent messaging activity.

3) Bulk Messaging

Twilio For Salesforce opens the door message to your contacts and leads in bulk. You can specify a list of individuals through a campaign. Additionally, there are multiple views to see how the contact/lead responded including the chat widget, the inbox, or campaigns. You are also able to schedule these messages.

4) Process Automation for Inbound and Outbound Messages

Salesforce flows and process builder allow you to automate certain processes after inbound or outbound messages occur. For example, every time a text message comes into your instance, you can have an email notification sent to your system administrators so they can address it immediately. Additionally, flows and processes can be configured to send messages based on the creation or update of separate Salesforce records. For example, a flow could be set up so that a case manager receives a text message every time a case is escalated to a “High” priority level. These tools for automation help to improve customer experience, customer loyalty, and your business’ workflows and overall employee efficiency.

5) Built in Opt-in/Opt-out Handling

Manage customer relations while making  sure your organization is properly following digital customer engagement data rules and compliance. 

6) A/B Testing for Campaigns

Easily set up tools to track and test campaign messages. Improve the performance of outreach messaging to most successfully reach your user base.

7) It’s Compatible with both Lightning and Classic

Even if your Salesforce instance hasn’t been switched over to Lightning, you will still be able to unlock all of the capabilities of Twilio For Salesforce.

To learn more about Twilio For Salesforce and some of the services Vision Point Systems provides, set up a demo or learn more on our website.

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