As an Appian Partner, the Vision Point team is ingrained in all things Appian to ensure we continue to lead the low-code revolution.  In the process of developing enterprise Appian solutions, we come across powerful resources for Appian that we use to help guide strategic business and architecture planning as well as technical implementation.

Our Appian solutions team has compiled some of our most valuable resources and references to share with you below.

1. Appian App Market

You cannot have a list for Appian resources without including Appian’s own website.  While much of the site is used for product explanation, there are also some great resources to leverage. The AppMarket is a key resource to explore pre-built solutions and integrations to help you find solutions to challenges fast. Some of our favorites of the many Appian Apps are:

2. Appian Community

In addition, Appian’s own community, learning and blog provide a wealth of information that anyone interested in Appian will find valuable.  The measure of value for any community is the activity of members who regularly ask and answer questions.  Appian’s discussion forum features a wide range of topics with deep discussion on questions that are asked of the community members.

3. Appian World

You can’t be all things Appian if you don’t attend AppianWorld. This conference allows you to collaborate with peers, industry visionaries, partners, and the entire Appian Community to find resources, develop skills, get certified, and be inspired.

4. Appian Reddit

External communities outside of Appian control can be valuable places to have conversations with other like-minded folks. The Appian community on Reddit is small, but it can be a great place to ask questions or find additional resources.

5. Appian Customer Success Stories on YouTube

What makes Appian powerful is the ability to customize the solution to solve a wide range of corporate challenges and growth opportunities. Seeing what others have done with Appian is a great starting point for examining how Appian can be executed in your own organization. These success stories on YouTube for Appian solutions provide a library of opportunities to explore.

6. Appian on AWS

Amazon Web Services is obviously a key player in the cloud market and Appian has several solutions that are part of the AWS marketplace. This is a great place to get started with Appian’s prebuilt solutions like Connected Claims, Workforce Safety, and CampusPass. 

7. Vision Point Blog

You are here already and we are diligently sharing our knowledge of Appian with you. Our own techs leverage our expansive team’s expertise everyday not just through interactions but also the resources we develop.

Appian has the ability to transform and drive efficiency across organizations. As a constantly evolving platform with extreme flexibility, it requires expertise to get the most from an implementation.  Resources like the ones above and our own Appian solutions can ensure that anyone looking to transform their business has the tools and capabilities to make a major impact.


Resources for Appian