Our long time friend and client, Jason Friesen, is embarking on one of his most ambitious projects as head of Trek Medics International, and VPS is excited to be a part of the team. Our CEO, Yong Lee is currently on a plane to Lilongwe, Malawi to meet up with Jason and his local partners to assist in the rollout of Accident and Emergency Services along the M1 Highway there. This is part of an initiative by local officials to bring these services to an area severely lacking in access to emergency support.


This initiative will utilize the Beacon platform that Jason and his team have developed (with some of our help over the years, of course). One of the major innovations that we’ll be exploring is to integrate Beacon and Twilio Flex, which could provide a seamless dispatcher experience and smart routing. The whole project is dependent on close collaboration between our technical team, local and national officials, and national telecoms, with funding from the World Bank.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the project on here, our Twitter Feed, or Yong’s LinkedIn page. Thanks!