Welcome to the VoiceVision Blog. Our team at Vision Point Systems is excited to have this venue to share our thoughts with the world on telephony, software, and the industries we serve. VoiceVision itself is intended to be the embodiment of our collective experience over the past 9 years, and we have a lot to talk about when it comes to best practices, exciting new technologies, lessons learned, and ideas to move business forward.

As you follow our blog you’ll hear from various team members – from our software developers to our QA specialists, as well as from our executives and client managers. We’ll discuss topics such as good documentation and bad IT project execution. We’ll discuss the latest technologies driving our core areas of expertise – IVR, Contact Center, and Telecom Infrastructure. We’ll invite discussion by challenging the status quo and by demystifying the technical aspects of telephony, which often seem to be less under control in IT organizations than the more familiar email systems, web applications, or computer networks.

VoiceVision is about organization, clarification, and measurement of business telephony. All of that starts with knowledge and understanding of what’s out there, and how it affects your bottom line. I hope the VoiceVision Blog becomes a useful resource for those developing, maintaining and planning these systems, and I look forward to getting the discussion started.