Greetings from 32000 Feet somewhere over Utah, on my way to AppianWorld. Our friends at Twilio released support for Fax over the weekend. They’ve been having fun with it on social media, playing into the archaicness of the technology, but I’m super stoked at what kind of possibilities this opens up to our BPM Customers.

I’m thinking of use cases like:

  • Triggering a process workflow when a fax is received – to assign for processing, or save to a database, or whatever metadata needs to be collected.
  • Sending a fax at the end of a process with completed documents.

I know folks are working with software like Kofax to do things like this now, but I know this will make this functionality even more universally accessible. All it really takes in Appian, for example is a couple WebAPIs to handle the REST API requests, and Appian can do the rest to start a process or write to a data store.

I’m working on adding it to the VPS demo for the conference this week from the plane as we speak. Now I need to figure out how to use it in my presentation on Wednesday. Wonder where I can get a novelty fax machine in San Francisco? I’ll just ask the first hipster that I come across with a typewriter strapped to his back.