Twilio is a cutting edge customer engagement platform that offers multiple products for businesses to communicate with their customers over multiple channels.

Twilio Flex, Twilio’s programmable contact center, provides organizations functionality to communicate with their customers and better understand their contact base while also creating a more personalized experience.

Flex has a wide range of features that improve agent performance and help achieve business goals. One very important tool to gain a better understanding of customers is Flex Insights. Flex Insights, a reporting platform included with Twilio Flex, natively captures information about both the agent and customer experience within the contact center. When Flex Insights is combined with additional Twilio products, like Functions, Taskrouter, and Studio, an organization can gather customized data pertinent to their specific operations in real time. Three customizations in Flex that can add value to your organization are custom IVR reports, customer satisfaction reports, and reports on caller demographics, which can all lead to a dramatically improved user experience.


IVR Reports using Flex Insights

One major value-adding customization of Flex Insights is IVR reports. IVR-specific data can inform managers and supervisors about what is driving call volume to the contact center or leading to specific problem areas, leading to better business outcomes and improved customer service. Additionally, if your IVR contains some form of self-service, custom IVR data can inform your organization when some of the self-service functionality is not working as expected.

Every minute that an agent has to spend speaking to a customer costs an organization money. IVR data can be used to optimize the structure of a call flow, identify failures in self-service functionality, and ultimately reduce the operating costs of your customer service contact centers while still providing personalized customer experiences. IVR data can be included in Flex Insights by adding special widgets throughout a Studio flow which create tasks in TaskRouter which are used for reporting. By taking this extra step in Studio, actionable insights such as the path the caller took while using the IVR can be matched up to create a unified view of what happened before and during the conversation with the agent.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys using Flex Insights

Another useful customization possible with Flex Insights is the creation of customer satisfaction surveys. CSAT is a fundamental measurement of contact center performance, but cannot be calculated based on automatically gathered system usage data alone. Contact Center operations teams must build or integrate data collection tools that provide end-users the ability to rate their interactions in order to have a complete view into their satisfaction.

Twilio’s programmability allows developers to easily build custom CSAT measurement tools in the form of automated surveys that can be integrated into normal call processing. Twilio Flex’s custom plugin capability provides the ability to write a custom agent desktop plugin that will automatically transfer a caller to a CSAT IVR when the agent completes the call. The IVR survey data can be fed into Insights to once again provide a unified view of an interaction across communication channels.


Caller Demographics in in Flex Insights

Finally, a custom report detailing caller demographics and details in Flex Insights can add value to your contact center. By adding custom components to your organization’s Flex UI using plugins, an agent can capture details about each caller they interact with. Collecting identifiable information, such as a caller’s name and the reason for their call, can be tracked to know how many times a caller has interacted with your contact center.

These analytic insights help with determining one of the most valuable metrics for any contact center – First Call Resolution. When a caller has to make multiple calls to your contact center to resolve an issue, the operational costs of your call center increase. Improving the effectiveness of your agents increases the likelihood of resolving a customer’s support issue on their first interaction with a contact center, helping with cost savings and personalization efforts.

By introducing custom IVR reports, customer satisfaction reports, and reports on customer details, you can optimize your IVR and increase agent efficacy while improving both the customer and employee experience. That being said, customizations with Flex Insights are not limited to these examples. A wide range of data can be captured with Flex customizations that are pertinent to your organization and the questions you need addressed.


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If you would like to learn more about utilizing Flex in your organization or if you think custom reports would add value to your contact center experience please explore our Twilio Flex solutions.

Author: Jake Davis | Published: February 2, 2022