We will help you improve your system. That’s a promise. The result of the VoiceVision® assessment will provide the empirical knowledge you’ll need to better support your customers now and in the future.

Reduce Costs

Avoid prolonged development and make future system enhancements faster and easier.


Building and maintaining reliable solutions requires rigid adherence to consistently applied principles of project management, sharp business analysis skills, and savvy software engineering. Without them, you will likely experience high support costs and prolonged timelines for future enhancements. If you are experiencing these challenges in developing or supporting a telephony deployment, we can help. Our standardized, defined evaluation and project management processes will help you establish control over an on-going project, an existing system, or even a project that hasn’t yet begun.


A well-designed and well-implemented self-service IVR has been shown to be preferable for users familiar with the system. Well-organized call flow can improve speed of processing and reduce toll charges. IVR-PBX-Call Center optimized to business needs will reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs.


Effective IVR applications using features such as type-ahead and barge-in allow for rapid processing of calls. If toll free calls cost you 10 cents per minute and you handle 500,000 calls per year, then cutting 1 minute off of the time callers are on the phone with your agents or IVR by implementing a more intuitive VUI or more intelligent routing will save you $50,000 in toll charges in the first year alone, not to mention increasing overall customer satisfaction. It's a win-win scenario.


Better performance and satisfaction while reducing operating costs. Well, what are you waiting for? Give us a call to get started today.

Leverage Technology

Technology is changing. Are you taking advantage of what it can do for you and your customers?


Are your IVR and contact center applications running on ancient servers -- in many cases on operating systems no longer supported? Are you wondering if all the talk surrounding VoiceXML and VoIP is just hype? Do you have a migration plan for upgrading your current system and platform to one that will grow with you to minimize future pain, distraction, and frustration?


Our consultants and engineers have helped our clients migrate their IVR and contact center IWRS applications without skipping a beat in their business operations. And we continually conduct business intelligence to maintain awareness and proficiency in technologies that will be relevant not only today, but tomorrow as well. We've got you covered.

Mitigate Risk

Are your IVR and contact center applications properly documented and validated?


Do you have consistent procedures that are followed involving the maintenance of your systems? Do you have sufficient reporting that tells you how callers and agents have used your system? Answers to these questions can provide peace of mind to you and your business stakeholders. You are not guessing -- you actually know that your customer-facing systems are doing exactly what you want. IVR Support should not be based on reading tea leaves and best guesses, but rather on measurements taken from a system under control. Software gives the ability to automate business processes, where rules are followed every time users invoke its functionality. A validated software system gives assurance that a defined, repeatable result is achieved with every use. A fault-tolerant system enhances uptime and reliability. Architecting and building a disaster recovery system can help ensure business survivability. It all has to work together seamlessly. This is where we can help.


Our VoiceVision® evaluation is built on years of experience planning, building, and consulting on multi-site and mult-national IVR and contact center operations for mission critical business systems. Chances are, we can help you meet your goals of lowering risk to your business operations.

Who Benefits?

Everyone does.


When you examine your own system and improve overall quality, of course your customers benefit - from shorter wait times, quicker access to the information they want and increased satisfaction with your organization. Just as important, you benefit from a more reliable system that has longer uptimes, shorter downtimes, easier recoverability, increased maintainability and fewer outages.


You'll sleep better knowing not only that your customers are well-served, but that your system is robust and fault tolerant. We can help you make it one less thing to worry about.