Frank Kulhawick, IT Director for CCS-Inc and Qualtrax, a document management system for regulatory compliance


"The VoiceVision methodology coupled with the industry insight of the VPS team has resulted in valuable improvements in our communications capability from a “Voice of the Customer” perspective. We have implemented many of their recommendations and are reaping the benefits through improved Customer Satisfaction. The expertise and professionalism of the team made this a very positive engagement."

Morris Meyer


Steve Lerner, Founder of Morris Meyer, LLC and former VP of Global IT at a major biopharmaceutical company


"I have worked with VPS for over ten years. VPS has supported a number of our software development efforts, with outsourced and supplemental staff models. VPS developed and continues to maintain regulated components of an FDA-regulated, mission-critical system. Their design skills and quality development methodologies add value and their expertise in telecommunications-related applications makes them stand out from the crowd. When quality software development and documentation are a concern, it is easy to recommend VPS."

A Major CRO in the Northeastern United States


Clinical IVR Developer, Senior Software Developer


"VPS has a solid background in telephony that is apparent during my discussions with them. We have had ongoing contacts with them for more than 7 years, and I have always found them to be knowledgeable in CTADE, telephony, and application integration. They focus immediately on suggesting a solution using their wide skills base instead of leading us down false paths. We contracted with them to consult on our critical line-of-business IVR application for which they provided valuable insight in indentifying failure points, which was useful to our executive team, and helped to redirect our application development team accordingly. I was very satisfied with their professionalism and thoroughness. It's important for a CTI solution provider to be well-versed and actively engaged in this highly specialized applications area. VPS meets that criteria. They are a well-established resource that's always there to help."