Webinar feat. Intercom & Vision Point Systems

How to combine phone, self-serve, and automated support to improve CSAT

Join Intercom and VPS for a discussion on how existing contact centers can use self-serve and automated support tactics to reduce call volume while improving CSAT.

During This Webinar, You Will Learn:

How brands can effectively provide self-service support options directly from their existing websites or mobile apps including:

  • Conversational bot-driven support workflows
  • Onboarding tutorials and product walkthroughs
  • Support cases or tickets
  • Articles and Product Documentation

Strategies for optimizing which types of inquiries are handled through self-service vs live agents, and what tools are available to drive customers to the best channel.

How Intercom enables all of this and more while working seamlessly with your existing tools and systems - including traditional phone-based contact centers.

Meet The Presenter

Andrew Ramadan

Solutions Consultant at Vision Point Systems

At VPS, Andrew is responsible for providing expert guidance and support to clients in utilizing the customer engagement platform partners of VPS - including Intercom, Twilio, Salesforce, Appian and more. Andrew helps clients to optimize their contact center operations and business process management. With his broad knowledge of these platforms and strong understanding of customer engagement strategies, he is well-equipped to provide valuable insights and recommendations to clients from all industries.

Andrew Ramadan

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