Solutions for Nonprofits

Communication Tools for Nonprofits

Over the years, we have used our expertise with platforms like Twilio and Salesforce to create communication solutions to empower and increase the efficiency of nonprofits.

Flexible, Secure Voice and Messaging Options

We understand your nonprofit has a variety of complex needs for communication – and that the pressure to be efficient and protect the bottom line is one of your top priorities. That’s why we work with you to find the appropriate combination of tools to help your nonprofit communicate safely and effectively with whomever.

Talk to experienced consultants, architects, engineers, and administrators focused on delivering efficient and valuable solutions.

Solutions Built for You

VPS knows that nonprofits are often born from a unique idea – meaning your business often has unique needs.


Many communication tools come with general tools onboard but lack functions that make a significant impact on the end user experience. We have a passion for building custom solutions to assist with a wide range of communication needs and we have built unique communication solutions for privately and publicly held organizations, government bodies, and nonprofits.


Our wide range of experience in implementation, consulting, and customized dev work allows our team to build the most impactful solutions for your nonprofit. We have consulted on and built solutions for a variety of nonprofit orgs, ranging from crisis hotlines to applications that connect at-risk youth community members with counseling.

Automate Your Center

The resources required to staff and manage chat or voice applications at nonprofits can oftentimes feel like a massive burden.


Our team will consult with you to identify inefficiencies and manual processes that can be automated in order to save time and money and to provide an improved user experience. In addition to the customized automation tools built upon implementation, VPS also offers ongoing management and consulting services – so that your nonprofit can stay as efficient and productive as possible at all times.

See Into Your Nonprofit

One of the many benefits of implementing a custom solution with VPS is the amount of data you can gather about your nonprofit.


Often, organizations struggle with identifying exactly where inefficiencies lie, and can spend countless resources trying to overcome these hurdles. With a solution from VPS, you can keep an eye on all aspects of your nonprofit and identify when roadblocks occur – as soon as they occur.


The flexibility and ease of customization with VPS means you can adapt quickly once you've identified the problem and get back to top performance in no time.

Rely on Secure Communication

Nonprofits serve a variety of communities and it’s important to be conscious of their privacy. Building a safe, supporting, and potentially confidential community is an important step to earning trust of the individuals in it. With VPS, our solutions can incorporate anonymization or data masking into your crisis hotline, contact center, or other voice and sms application.


We work with premier technologies that follow compliance standards, such as HIPAA, so your organization can feel confident tracking and protecting sensitive data.

WhyHunger: Connecting the Hungry with the Food They Need Using Twilio Flex, Built by VPS

How The MLC Provides Omnichannel Royalty Collection Support for Music Creators with Twilio Flex, Built by VPS

The Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC), a non-profit founded on the principle that people in the music industry deserve fair compensation for their work, found that their existing contact center framework was limiting their customer support experience.


The MLC sought to offer better service by responding to chats and calls more quickly and by eliminating the need to provide information more than once to their members. That is why it partnered with Vision Point Systems to develop a way to improve their member support systems.


Vision Point Systems migrated The MLC’s contact center to Twilio Flex and created an omnichannel support center that provides a more seamless experience for artists and MLC’s staff.

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Inaugural VPS Golf Classic to benefit WhyHunger

We have the honor of organizing our first ever tournament to benefit our customer WhyHunger, a non-profit organization that empowers local communities around the world to meet the nutritional needs of the less fortunate.

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